Our Mission and Goals

Achieving Our Mission

SCF’s mission is to alleviate poverty and achieve environmentally sustainable solutions by investing in organizations that are providing innovative high-impact financing and technical assistance initiatives to communities and individuals suffering from economic disparities.


As a ‘catalytic’ mission-driven investor, SCF strives to provide the harder-to-secure and riskier seed capital for prototype and innovative lending and investment approaches. The results we seek are to alleviate poverty and improve environmental sustainability. Our overarching goal is to invest in early-stage financing models of organizations which also provide technical assistance to directly support its low income clients. Our investments are intended to help expedite a successful program launch for these much needed initiatives. This in turn establishes the necessary ‘track record’ of success needed to attract the larger philanthropic or mission-driven investors, which is necessary to bring the initiative to scale, expedite model replication in other areas, and to catalyze greater community impacts. Thus, SCF’s investment is leveraged many times over once the prototypes are a proven success and they are able to attract additional and larger investments.


Our Goals

In carrying out our investments and undertaking our operational and programmatic activities, SCF pursues the following goals to achieve our long-term mission:


Investment Goals

  • Address economic and social disparities through our investment activities
  • Provide hard-to-secure early-stage funding to support innovative prototype projects
  • Target the most socially and economically distressed and underserved communities
  • Support job creation and economic development for disadvantaged and/or disenfranchised low-income communities members
  • Pursue investments that offer environmentally and financially-sustainable solutions to long-term problems
  • Maximize the growth and success of the partners we invest in by providing techinical assistance
  • Select investees that provide support and technical assistance services to their low-income client base


Operational Goals

  • Continually “revolve” our capital and investments such that we are supporting new ventures
  • Maintain very low organizational overhead to maximize dollars invested
  • Reinvest all revenues generated by investment returns back into low-income community ventures
  • Whenever possible leverage our capital to secure other matching capital sources to maximize the support received by our investment projects
  • Strategically grow SCF through investment returns, future NNMF capital donations and receipt of 3rd party grants and investments