New Markets Tax Credit Conference
Novogradac & Company

"Attracting and Working with Investors"

San Diego, CA

January 2012


New Markets Tax Credit Investors Conference

Novogradac & Company
“Seeking NMTCs for Real Estate Projects: The Who, Where and Why – General Trends”
Chicago, IL
October 2011


New Markets Tax Credit Coalition
Congressional Briefing
“NMTC at Work: Haven for Hope” Project Profile
October 2011


FEED 2011 Conference
The International Forum on Strategic Studies for Agriculture and Livestock Development and Respect for the Climate
– Brazilian Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock (CNA)
“Financing Agricultural Solutions to Feed 9 Billion People”
Click to download presentation
Sao Paulo, Brazil
September 2011


New Markets Tax Credit Conference
Novogradac & Company
“Community Impact”
San Diego, CA
January 2011


Summer New Markets Tax Credit Symposium
National Housing & Rehabilitation Association
“Using NMTCs to Achieve Comprehensive Neighborhood Redevelopment”
Laguna Niguel, Dana Point, CA
July 2010


9th Annual New Markets Tax Credit Spring Conference
Novogradac & Company
“The Art of the Deal: Taking Control”
Washington, D.C.
June 2010


2010 CDFA Annual Development Finance Summit
Council of Development Finance Agencies (CDFA)
“Summit Opening: Municipal Finance Under the Microscope”
Portland, OR
May 2010



2010 National Interagency Community Reinvestment Forum
Community Development Financial Institutions Fund (CDFI)
“GO Zone Allocations and Investments”
New Orleans, LA
March 2010


Growth Strategies for Life Sciences Companies
San Antonio Symposium
“Financing Challenges for Early Stage Life Sciences Companies”
San Antonio, TX
March 2009


New Markets Tax Credits Symposium
National Housing & Rehabilitation Association
“Leveraging New Market Tax Credits for Educational Facilities: National New Markets Fund, LLC, Argonaut Redevelopment”
Key Largo, FL
March 2009


Green Building Finance & Investment Forum West
InfoCast, Inc.
“Triple Bottom Line and Green Funds”
San Francisco, CA
March 2009


Investing With Impact
Wall Street Without Walls, Milken Institute
“Mission-Related and Program-Related Investing”
Los Angeles, CA
February 2009


10th Annual Endowment & Foundation Forum
Opal Financial Group
“Trends in Asset Allocation for Endowments and Foundations”
Boston, MA
October 2008


Region VI – Southwest Conference
National Community Development Association (NCDA)
“Strengthening Communities Through Community-Based Economic Development Initiatives”
Shreveport, LA
October 2008


Green Building Finance & Investments Forum
InfoCast, Inc.
“Emerging Green Funds”
New York, NY
September 2008


The Federal Reserve Inner-City Investing
Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC) and Faith-Based Pension Funds
“The Experience of Fund Managers”
San Francisco, CA
August 2008


Pension Funds: Investing to Build Strong and Sustainable Communities
Harvard University

“Delivering Social and Environmental Impacts: Measures & Outcomes”
Cambridge, MA
June 2008


Emerging Managers Summit
The Opal Group
“Investing in Domestic Emerging Markets/ETI”
Chicago, IL
May 2008


Mission Related Investment
New York Society of Security Analysts
“Responsible Investment Across Asset Classes: Diversification in ESG Investing”
Chicago, IL
May 2008


2008 Global Conference
The Milken Institute
“Green is Green: Remaking Business in the Age of Sustainability”
Los Angeles, CA
April 2008


RPI Forum: Building the Field
Institute for Responsible Investment (Boston College)
“Research & Agenda-Setting –The Future of RPI”
Boston, MA
March 2008

Urban Marketplace Roundtable
Urban Land Institute
“Green Money “
Los Angeles, CA
March 2008


Green Prints Conference
South Face Organization
“The Color of Money is Green”
Atlanta, GA
March 2008


Green Building Forum
InfoCast, Inc.
“TBL, Mission-Driven Fund Perspectives”
San Francisco, CA
February 2008


Zero Trade-Off Conference
“Investment Opportunities in Private Equity: Emerging Domestic Markets”
Washington DC
December 2007


SRI in the Rockies Conference
SRI in the Rockies
“Community Investing Today: Market Rate Opportunities Across Asset Classes”
Albuquerque, NM
November 2007


Economic Development in the 21st Century: New Leadership, New Models
International Economic Development Council (IEDC)
“DBL: A Paradigm for Smart Growth”
Phoenix, AZ
September 2007


Rebuilding Communities After Hurricane Katrina: Affordable Housing and Economic Development on the Gulf Coast
Institute for Professional and Executive Development, Inc. (iPed)
“Overcoming Obstacles to Redevelopment: Putting All the Tools to Work”
St. Petersburg, FL
May 2007

2007 Milken Global Conference
The Milken Institute
“Domestic Emerging Markets Creating a Knowledge Base for Urban Real Estate Investment”
Los Angeles, CA
April 2007


Family Foundation Council
Council on Foundations
“Maximize Returns: How to Align Financial Objectives with Philanthropic Mission”
Baltimore, MD
February 2007


57th Annual Conference
Council on Foundations
“Mobilizing Capital for Inner City Revitalization: Challenges and New Directions”
Philadelphia, PA
August 2006


DEMI Spring Forum
Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC)
“Domestic Emerging Markets: Creating a Knowledge Base for Urban Real Estate Investment”
Newark, NJ
April 2006


Community Development Conference
Institute for Professional and Executive Development, Inc. (iPed)
“Double Bottom Line Investment Funds: Case Study of Genesis Work Housing Fund”
Portland, OR
October 2005


56th Annual Conference
Council on Foundations
“Maximize Returns: How to Align Financial Objectives with Philanthropic Mission”
Pittsburgh, PA
May 2005

Deborah La Franchi, Chairperson & Chief Executive Officer
MBA, UCLA Anderson School of Management
MA, Public Policy (MPP), Georgetown University
BA, Political Science & History, UCLA


Deborah La Franchi is a Co-founder of SCF and has been the Chief Executive Officer since the inception of SCF in 2007.  She also currently serves as the Board Chairperson.


Since 2001, Ms. La Franchi has been the CEO of Strategic Development Solutions (SDS), a leader in impact investing. SDS helped pioneer cutting-edge investment funds and strategies that seek Triple Bottom Line (TBL) returns based on: (1) market-rates of return for institutional investors, (2) economic opportunity and job creating for high-poverty populations, and 3) positive environmental impacts.


The firm has developed and capitalized $2 billion in TBL funds with our partner Economic Innovation International, Inc. The two firms jointly manage the $237 million National New Markets Fund, LLC, which invests federal New Markets Tax Credits into real estate projects and businesses in low-income communities.


Prior to launching SDS in 2001, Ms. La Franchi served as Assistant Deputy Mayor for Economic Development under Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan (1997-2000). She was part of a team that created the first Double Bottom Lind private equity fund in the U.S. and became the first CEO of Genesis LA, the Los Angeles region’s pioneering nonprofit organization dedicated to finding new market-driven financing strategies to stimulate development in low-income communities.


As one of the world’s leading experts on impact investing and economic development, Ms. La Franchi regularly speaks at national and international conferences and co-authored the Double Bottom Line Handbook, an often-cited investment industry resource funded by the Ford Foundation.


For an updated list of Deborah’s speaking appearances, click here.



Ms. La Franchi is a Series 65 Registered Investment Advisor. She served as a Mayoral appointee to the City’s Workforce Investment Board, a Council Member appointee to the Business Tax Advisory Committee, and Vice President of the Venice Chamber of Commerce.


An outspoken and passionate activist, Ms. La Franchi has served as a Big Sister mentor for 10 years and is a former member of the Big Brothers/Big Sisters Board of Directors. Ms. La Franchi played on the Women’s Varsity Tennis Team at UCLA. She loves to travel, and spent more than two years back-packing through Europe, Central Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America.