Acción Texas Inc. – Texas Borrower Profiles

SCF’s $20, 000 ACCIÓN Texas Inc. investment will provide loans to small business owners that are low-income individuals in the city of San Antonio.  This city is a place where National New Markets Fund, the entity which generated the seed funds for SCF, has been very active and made investments. This investment achieves the goal of leveraging the initial investments benefitting low-income residents by NNMF in order to create another generation of benefits through this SCF investment



Hair in Paradise
San Antonio, TX
Loan amount: $5,676.25
Loan closed: Feb. 21, 2012


Raised in Hawaii, Veronica Lyn Aranda, 41, wanted to bring the relaxed feel of the island to her hometown of San Antonio by opening the hair salon, Hair in Paradise.


“I don’t like the everyday-type salons,” Aranda said. What sets her salon apart, she said, is her hospitality.


By the age of 17, Aranda decided to get into the cosmetology industry.  Shortly after, she studied cosmetology in Hawaii, and again when she returned to San Antonio in 2002. She has 23 years of hair styling experience and opened her business in 2005.


“Becoming an entrepreneur is something that I always wanted to do,” she said. “I worked in places where it’s been a lot of chaos. I wanted to have my own place to give customer service my way. I listen to the customers and give them what they ask for.”


With her ACCIÓN Texas Inc. loan — her second — she purchased unique items from Hawaii to resell at the shop, as requested by her clientele, and she also used the funds to further develop her salon’s Hawaiian paradise feel. In addition, Veronica plans to update her shop with new paint and by repairing minor problems.


At Hair in Paradise, Veronica employs two other people: one receptionist and one stylist. As her business grows, Veronica plans to hire more employees.


Veronica said the loan will help her business grow and allow her salon “to be more inviting to my customers and make them feel more relaxed.”


Find Veronica on Facebook at or at her website,



San Antonio, TX
Loan amount:
Loan closed:
December 6, 2011


Delia Hernandez opened her store to educate people about health, but also to scratch her hobbying itch. Her store’s main products are reshaping garments and nutritional products, and she’s developing a business as a crafter.


Hernandez creates handmade items such as headbands for babies and little girls, decorated knit hats and other accessories. She works on these crafts while business is slow in the mornings. During heavy business times, she uses these crafts as conversation pieces to put customers at ease.


Delia’s plans for the Acción Texas loan funds were to purchase more products and supplies. She said this will help her generate more business as she’s also been looking for two mobile carrying cases: one to showcase her crafts, the other for the nutritional products and reshaping garment. It’s the former that’s she’s most looking forward to, as she enjoys showcasing her crafts to craft shows. The loan has made that an easier endeavor.