Our Investments

SCF began its investment activity in June of 2011 by targeting two innovative, high-demand and high-performance nonprofit microfinance organizations to make three investments. SCF’s investment activity moving forward will continue to include microfinance organizations, but will also broaden its scope to include a diverse array of entities seeking to achieve poverty alleviation through different approaches and leveraging unique financing tools.


Our Current Investments Include:


Habitat for Humanity Michigan Fund
Date: June 2012
Investment: $66, 000; 2-year debt investment; requires a $34,000 match from Habitat for Humanity Michigan
Purpose: Seed funding for prototype Habitat Mortgage Fund to be capitalized at $100,000 to support homebuilding and rehabilitation activities for low-income families throughout Michigan


Acción Texas Inc. — Louisiana Profile
July 2011
Investment: $40,000; 3 year investment
Purpose: Funding to Acción Texas Inc. is earmarked to support small-business loans to low-income borrowers in the cities of Shreveport, Alexandria and New Orleans.


Acción Texas Inc. — Texas Profile
 July 2011
Investment: $25,000; 3 year investment
Purpose: Loan funds to Acción Texas Inc. support low-income small business loans in the city of San Antonio, Texas.


Our Past Investments Include:


FINCA International/FINCA Haiti
 July 27, 2011
Investment: $37,500; 1 year investment
Purpose: Debt for small business microfinance loans