SCF Investment Criteria

We invest in a diverse array of financing models which are managed by both for-profit and non-profit organizations seeking to benefit low-income communities. We are flexible in how we structure our investments and seek to create a mutually beneficial structure. In assessing the viability of prospect investees we use the following investment criteria:


Who We Fund


For Profit and Nonprofit companies, Domestic Community Development Finance Institutions (CDFIs), Microfinance Institutions (MFIs), ARS-rated organizations, community venture capital funds or new financing models in their launch stage (new or existing organization sponsors).


Financial models that develop and pursue new, innovative and replicable investment vehicles to address long-term economic, environmental and social issues.

Track Record:

Have a strong track record or demonstrated commitment to producing social and environmental impacts in low-income communities.


Fees charged to clients/end users of products and/or services by our investees should be affordable and reasonable given what is available in the market.

Fiscal Soundness:

Maintain strong financials and management capacity.

Technical Assistance:

Provide additional financial and/or social support services and assistance to clients in order to promote maximum economic success and enhanced quality of life.

Community/Social Impact:

The financing model must have clear and significant impacts on low income communities or individuals. This is a firm requirement.

Environmental Impact:

Support clean and renewable energy technology, resource-efficient technology, improved air and water quality, waste mitigation technologies, sustainable systems and/or eco-business opportunities. These are positive attributes we seek and consider but are not a requirement.

Investment Structure


SCF conducts thorough due diligence to ensure that investments are viable and are dedicated to financing models that are well thought out and have strong probability of success.

Funding Type:

Debt or equity.

Investment Range:

$15,000 – $75,000.

Investment Period:

1-3 years (determined on a case-by-case basis).

Technical Assistance:

Provide TA services on a case-by-case basis and tailored to the specific needs of the project and suited to SCF staff and management competency areas.

Investment Returns:

Provides SCF a rate of return that is at or below market, but sill provide SCF the ability to grow.


SCF strives to be a flexible investor that will structure its investments and related technical assistance to best suit the needs of the project.